About Padden Builders & Cabins

Padden Builders is owned and operated by Ben Padden, a licensed building practitioner who has been in the building industry for over 13 years.  

Being born and raised in Whangarei has kept Padden Builders busy as Bens reputation stands before him.

Now, 6 years after Padden Builders was established we thought we should join the 21st century and get a website!  With all of our clients currently being recommended to us by their family and friends we thought it was only fitting to get a website so the rest of the world can actually see what it is we do and hopefully we will be world famous in Whangarei!

With Padden Builders you are guaranteed to get a builder who will work with you to build you what you want, on budget and within an agreed time frame.  We take pride in all jobs no matter how big or small.

It is our quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and over 13 years of building industry knowledge that sets us apart. 

Padden Builders

Stunning portable home built by Padden Builders